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What is Phenibut?

Phenibut (aka Noofen, Fenibut and Phenybut) is a derivative of GABA, which is the inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Due to its improved structure, Phenibut can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and bind to GABA receptors. This reduces the firing rate of hyperactive neurons to ensure a calming effect in the brain and around the body. GABA on its own not effective, which makes Phenibut a perfect solution for those people who have low levels of GABA.

A number of positive effects are reported following Phenibut use. Phenibut decreases individual’s anxiety (anxiolytic) and stress levels, provides nootropic effects and manages a number of different psychological symptoms.Phenibut was originally designed in the Soviet Union as an anxiety-relieving substance to be given to Soviet cosmonauts. Other compounds were making them develop drowsiness, which is exactly the opposite of what one would want in the outer space. Phenibut proved to reduce the anxiety while positively affecting their cognitive performance.

In the present day Phenibut is legal and uncontrolled, thus it can be obtained and used without a doctor’s prescription.

In terms of its nootropic effects, users report improved cognitive performance (e.g., problem solving). There is evidence to suggest that it improves mental performance by helping the two hemispheres of the brain connect more effectively. Additionally, Phenibut serves as a sleep-inducing (hypnotic) agent. Phenibut helps users fall asleep more easily and wake up next morning well rested. Vivid dreams are reported due to the deep REM sleep. Phenibut is neuroprotective as it prevents neurons from damage, especially when exposed to high stress levels.Users of Phenibut also report more positive mood. This is linked with increased levels of dopamine that lead to a better mood and higher motivation.

Key benefits:

  • Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety effect)
  • Stress reliever
  • Neuroprotection
  • Improved cognition
  • Sleep enhancer

Recommended dosage:

The recommended daily dosage is between 250 mg - 1000 mg. Phenibut has a long half-life (5-6 hours), so one single dose a day should be enough for most users. It is strongly advised to start off with the lower dosage and get used to its effects. Phenibut is water soluble and easy to consume when dissolved in a drink. It can also be taken with a meal.

Usage of Phenibut:

Due to its high pH Phenibut does not taste good. That is why a lot of users prefer taking capsules as it does not bitter and makes it more convenient for those on the go. However, buying Phenibut in bulk powder is cheaper compared to capsules.

The effects of Phenibut take a while, as long as four hours, to appear, especially compared to other nootropics. Considering the Phenibut’s 5-6 hour half-life, you should not take two dosages close together. Some effects can last for as long as 24 hours, even having taken just one dose.

Mechanisms of action:

One of the main purposes of this nootropic is to transport the GABA neurotransmitter across the blood-brain barrier into the central nervous system. This occurs because Phenibut has its GABA molecule attached to a Phenyl ring. In contrast, GABA on its own is virtually incapable of doing that. This is where the advantage of Phenibut is demonstrated as it enters the brain and is able to affect cognition, mood and relaxation. GABA controls the effects of neuron-stimulating chemicals. When neurons are overworked, individual may feel anxious and restless. Phenibut binds to GABA (B) receptors and exerts a GABAergic effect thereby helping to balance the stimulation. As a result, neurons fire only when it is actually required, letting the user relax.

In addition, Phenibut stimulates the dopamine receptors. Once the levels of dopamine go up, the user experiences sudden mood elevation. This also positively affects the user’s motivation resulting in a higher work capacity.

Phenibut side effects:

If used appropriately Phenibut is a safe nootropic. Exceeding the recommended dosage may lead to a number of side effects. Nausea, headaches and fatigue are the most common ones. It is important to remember that Phenibut functions very similarly to Benzodiazepines and alcohol. Therefore, you should never mix Phenibut with either of these substances.

If the recommended guidelines of administration are not followed Phenibut can lead to symptoms of withdrawal. These may include panic attacks, seizures, disturbed sleeping patterns, irritability and muscle spasms. After a prolonged use of Phenibut it is possible to develop tolerance, which may result in addiction. Therefore, Phenibut should not be taken more than 3 times a week as this would help to maintain an ‘on and off’ cycle without developing tolerance to it. If you have any concerns regarding the use of Phenibut consult with a health professional.

Compound facts:

Serving size: 1 scoop (500 mg)

Servings per tub: 200

Amount per serving: Phenibut 500 mg

This product is free from: Artificial Flavours, Colours & Preservatives, Lactose, Yeast & Gluten

Suitable for: Vegetarians and Vegans


  • Dietary Products should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and healthy diet.
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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Phenibut Powder Reviews

ThoughtFoods Phenibut Powder

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By on 09 Dec. 2015
YAY! Great Product
Today I've had a chance to test out some phenibut powder that I think is the best! It's made by ThoughtFoods. Mine came in a nice bottle not a tub like the photo shows. it comes with a 500mg scoop on the inside. So far this brand feels cleaner in the sense that I did not get a euphoric or a buzzed feeling from it. I also didn't get headaches or sluggish feeling all day long. Tomorrow I plan to use less, I always start day one off a little heavy once it's loaded into your body it seems like you don't require as much the next day. Oh. my test for phenibut is music. Just hit play, if its good phenibut your going to love that song, and the next!
(Phenibut Powder)
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