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Sunifiram, a new synthetic nootropic with great potential effects on cognitive performance. ✝

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What is Sunifiram?

Sunifiram (aka DM-235) is one of the newest, but very promising nootropic that has been recently gaining popularity in the nootropic market. It is an AMPA agonist and therefore is part of the ampakine nootropic family. Structurally, Sunifiram is very similar to the original racetam, but it is much potent. In fact, it is believed to be over 1000 times more potent than the original racetam on a dose for dose basis.

In terms of direct comparisons to other racetams, Sunifiram is closest to Nefiracetam. Both of these substances appear to be working similarly in the hippocampus area of the brain. The product has been shown to be effective in improving memory, prolonging attention span, promoting learning, better decision making and alertness. One of the main reported Sunifiram effects is improved long-term potentiation (LTP). LTP is characterised as the long-term strengthening between two simultaneously active neurons. LTP has been mostly studied in the hippocampus, an area of the brain directly responsible for memory formation and retrieval.

Although, more research in humans is needed as most studies to date have been done in animals, Sunifiram tablets may well become one of the most wanted studying and concentration aids. In addition to its memory enhancing effects, Sunifiram is also being studied as the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Users feedback shows that Sunifiram primarily helps with information recall and thought clarity. Noopept is another very potent nootropic. Due to their high potency, both of these nootropics are often compared. But early reports indicate that Sunifiram has an edge at improving memory, while Noopept holds the advantage as the nootropic of choice for increased focus and alertness. So your choice should be based on your individual goals. Many users also find that Sunifiram tablets help them with self-motivation to combat procrastination.

Key benefits:

  • Increased memory
  • Improved attention span
  • Higher mental energy levels
  • Enhanced learning
  • Higher alertness
  • Increased concentration

Effects of Sunifiram tablets:

The way Sunifiram works closely resembles the nootropics from the racetam family, particularly Nefiracetam. Sunifiram mainly stimulates AMPA receptors, which is why it is called AMPAkine. These receptors are in charge of glutamate production in the brain. Sunifiram mechanisms of action were demonstrated by giving patients NBQX (AMPA antagonist) followed by a dose of Sunifiram. An increased AMPA receptor activity was clinically observed.

Glutamate is a very important excitatory responsible for the brain metabolism and synaptic plasticity. Insufficient levels of this neurotransmitter can result in impaired memory, inability to learn, lost focus and many other cognition weaknesses. Sunifiram appears to be able to normalize glutamate levels and effectively enhance the brain performance. Users of this product report high cognitive endurance, even after prolonged mental activity. Storing information and understanding new concepts becomes easier.

Compared to racetam nootropics, such as Pramiracetam, Aniracetam and Oxiracetam, Sunifiram is also involved in the regulation of the acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine neurotransmitter is very important for thinking process, memory, alertness and focus. It helps the two hemispheres of the brain communicate better, which improves pattern recognition and social skills.

Recommended dosage of Sunifiram tablets:

Exact dosage has not been clearly determined due to limited research in humans. As previously mentioned, Sunifiram is a highly concentrated substance. Therefore, 4 mg is enough to notice the positive effects, but more experienced users take between 5-8 mg/day. However, currently it is unknown if higher dosages provide further cognitive effects. It is recommended to start by taking 4 mg dosage and allow some time to get familiar with its effects, before increasing the dosage. You should not exceed the highest recommended dosage when using Sunifiram tablets.

Mechanisms of action:

Sunifiram tablets act similarly to Nefiracetam in the hippocampus area of the brain. It is an AMPAkine which mainly works via the AMPA receptors to release glutamate neurotransmitter. Glutamate is often recognised as the most important excitatory neurotransmitter released by neurons in the brain. Glutamate is crucial for normal brain function as it is responsible for sending signals between nerve cells. Optimal levels of glutamate are important for memory and learning.

Sunifiram side effects:

Important – Sunifiram tablets are not for sale until there are enough human studies and clinical trials carried out. It still needs to be proven to be 100% safe and approved for human use.

Based on the current evidence Sunifiram has a low toxicity profile and is considered to be safe. Some evidence actually suggests that it may be less toxic than the original racetam. However, some mild side effects have been reported. These include headaches, anxiety, restlessness, nausea and increased perspiration. Most of these side effects only occur when higher than recommended dosages are used (please see above for dosage recommendations).


  • Dietary products should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and healthy diet.
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


✝ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The above products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult a physician before taking a new product or a nootropic. This product should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, people suffering from cardiovascular disease or those under 18 years of age.

Any studies cited here are not conclusive and are limited to their closed environment nature; they might not determine ones experience with a nootropic, due to a large number of unaccounted variables falling outside the scope of such studies.

The reviews available here are the opinions of contributors who may or may have not used these products, and do not necessarily represent the views of ThoughtFoods. These reviews represent one’s opinion and should not be taken as fact or recommendation. ThoughtFoods makes no warranty to the accuracy of information provided by these reviews. Read legal disclaimer


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By on 23 Oct. 2016
Very potent
I call myself an advanced nootropic user and sunifiram defo provides that extra bit of nootropic effect as it’s very potent.
(Sunifiram Tablets)
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