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Sulbutiamine - Nootropic for mental and physical energy. ✝

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What is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine (aka Ereon and Arcalion) is a synthetic derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1) that has been originally developed in Japan to treat different forms of asthenia (medical term for weakness), chronic fatigue and other similar pathologies. Sulbutiamine has two thiamine molecules bound together to improve the bioavailability of thiamine. Basically, Sulbutiamine is a more effective version of thiamine which is a very important vitamin. For example, thiamine deficiency is associated with memory dysfunction, cognitive disorders and changes in cellular metabolism.

Sulbutiamine is a fat soluble compound that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This means that Sulbutiamine successfully exerts its effects on different areas of the brain. Specifically, Sulbutiamine increases the levels of thiamine in the hippocampus region of the brain. Sulbutiamine has been shown to have beneficial effects in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This is attributed to its ability to enhance cholinergic and glutamatergic transmission. Furthermore, the neuroprotective role of Sulbutiamine is widely reported in the scientific literature. Neuronal cells in the hippocampus have been shown to be prevented from the oxygen and glucose deprivation following Sulbutiamine use. Sulbutiamine capsules can also help to improve learning and long-term memory formation. This may be very beneficial during long periods of work or studying.

Key benefits:

  • Better mood
  • Improved memory
  • Reduced mental fatigue
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Increased cognitive functions
  • Neuroprotective effects

Recommended dosage:

The recommended daily dosage is between 200-600 mg. Sulbutiamine capsules should be taken with a meal in three equal administrations throughout the day.

Mechanisms of action:

Due to its lipophilic properties, Sulbutiamine capsules act more effectively than thiamine. Sulbutiamine is absorbed by the intestines, the blood system then transports it to the central nervous system (CNS). Its effects on the CNS are linked with the increase in dopamine sensitivity. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter directly involved in modulating learning abilities, focus, rewards and pleasure. Also, some evidence suggests that Sulbutiamine may control the glutamatergic and cholinergic systems, particularly high affinity choline uptake (HACU).

Sulbutiamine side effects:

At the recommended dosages, Sulbutiamine is a safe nootropic vitamin to use and has no reported adverse effects. However, it should not be used by people with bipolar disorder as there is a case study reporting addiction to Sulbutiamine in a patient with bipolar disorder. In addition, tolerance may develop with the prolonged usage of Sulbutiamine. Therefore, you should not use it on a continuous basis. Other reported side effects, such as irritability, anxiety, headache, nausea or skin rashes are associated with excessive dosages. Therefore, if you experience any of the above side effects immediately reduce the dosage or discontinue the use of Sulbutiamine. Some users report psychostimulant effects after taking Sulbutiamine.

Compound facts:

Serving size: 1 capsule

Servings per bottle: 120

Amount per serving: Sulbutiamine 500 mg

Other ingredients: Magnesium Stearate; Silicon Dioxide

This product is free from: Artificial Flavours, Colours & Preservatives, Lactose, Yeast & Gluten

Suitable for: Vegetarians and Vegans


  • Dietary products should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and healthy diet.
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


✝  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The above products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult a physician before taking a new product or a nootropic. This product should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, people suffering from cardiovascular disease or those under 18 years of age.

Any studies cited here are not conclusive and are limited to their closed environment nature; they might not determine ones experience with a nootropic, due to a large number of unaccounted variables falling outside the scope of such studies.

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Sulbutiamine Capsules Reviews

ThoughtFoods Sulbutiamine Capsules

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By on 24 Jan. 2017
Mood and energy vastly increased!
Used this product for over 1 month now. Memory, mental energy and my overall mood increased massively. I'm sure this has had an effect on my overall performance at work to (due to the mental energy increase) Bottom line I would definitely recommend this product
(Sulbutiamine Capsules)
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